It was my first time ever in a naked Yoga class, i found it very relaxing and comfortable. Kat is an amazing instructor. I will definitely come back

Yoga has become such an important part of my life lately, because it allows me to be a more capable mother for my children. Thank you so much for running an event that allows me to express my joy for this journey with my friends and other nude lovers. Being able to do this with you Kat means more to me than you could possibly know. <3 <3 <3 I can’t wait to come back!!

Yoga this morning was fantastic. Kat is such a patient and fun teacher, only my 2nd class and I LOVE it. Great relaxation and exercise!!!

Thank you for this morning’s class. Definitely a good challenge and great experience! Looking forward to the next time I can go, and hopefully bring some more friends along…

In today’s world you don’t meet a lot of people that take their craft seriously, put in years of hard work and reach perfection. Kat is one of those people and her naked yoga class was one of these instances.

Kat is a professional yoga instructor of the highest caliber. But creating an amazing experience for people isn’t just about the yoga level of the instructor or even the her teaching abilities.

This would be my 3rd class with Kat and I am always impressed with her skills and knowledge. I woke this morning with sore muscles and the feeling of a good stretch and burn. I will miss you!!

the best yoga instructor. ever. super accommodating to all levels, including level zero such as myself. much respect

This class was everything and more that I could have hoped for. It was comfortable, didn’t take itself too seriously, and the instruction had a perfect pace. Thank you for making it so lovely 🙂

I really enjoyed the class, you are an amazing instructor and I can tell I progressed a little in just one class. Also I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously and keep the class so light hearted and fun.

Just took my first ever Naked yoga lead by Kat this morning. Sure I can do it at home by myself however, I find that Yoga naked with others is more motivating. I can understand if someone is uncertain of being nude with others however, you will soon discover that its about connecting your body, mind, & spirit once the class begins. I’ve been on the look out for a coed group and there wasn’t one until now. I recommend Kat’s class to new or experienced yogis. She used fun plain English making the poses easy to follow along. Thanks!

Class this morning was amazing, my first experience with yoga and I loved it. Kat is a great teacher and very patient with me as a newbie. Would do the class with clothing but nude is very comfortable way to do this type of exercise, if anyone is a bit shy just go to the back, no one is looking anyways. I’ll be going back, yoga rocks!

I had an amazing time today – as a trans woman early in transition things like yoga can be intimidating to approach but Kat made me feel welcome and comfortable and I look forward to making this a regular part of my week 🙂

She is gentle, fun, encouraging, non-threatening when it comes to teaching. Its a beginner class and as a newbie, I learned a lot about my body and what its capable of and what needs work. She said ‘You’ll be a bit sore tomorrow.’ Yeah, but it was so much worth it!

What a great day to spend my Sunday morning! I’ve been away from my mat for a very long time, but you’ve renewed my desire to get bendy again.

Thanks Kat! I’ll be back for sure!

I attended Kat’s yoga class this morning. What a positive experience.

Kat is a great teacher, and keeps the class moving with humour and encouragement. The room was kept dim, good mix of music, and a body positive atmosphere. This was my first ever yoga class of any kind, but after having such a great time, it won’t be my last. Thanks Kat!

I really had a good experience today, I had to admit i was a little nervous about what to expect. In the end I had a great time, felt super comfortable around others and even felt it easier to ask questions about yoga postures that normally i would just ask in my mind at other studios. Kat has very good instructions and a fun playful energy that transfers to her students.